On the December 13, 2019, the Guangzhou Nansha Culture Association in collaboration with the Wenhua Yuedong, held a Zhiyue Sharing Session with the theme "The Future Has Come" at the Ying Tung High School. Mr. Kenneth Fok, Vice President of Fok Ying Tung Group and Member of the International Relations Committee of the Asian Olympic Council , the Portuguese new media artists Mr. Pedro Zaz and Mr. Spetto, the famous table tennis player, Olympic champion, Deng Yaping Sports Industry Investment Fund founder Ms. Deng Yaping, the Sun Media Group President Xing Jing and other well-known cross-border new technologies, new media and new sports People have participated in this sharing meeting together. Ms. Wang Xin, Executive Dean of the Yangtze River Delta Green Technology Development Institute (GGTC), has attended the meeting as a guest speaker.

The future seems to be very far away, but when we look back to the history, we can see clearly that human society is developing at an exponential rate. "When we are talking about the future, the future has come already. And when we talk about the possibilities that are coming, it is almost here. Facing the sweeping wave of the future, the only thing we can do is to embrace the future with a transformative attitude in order to win in the future." Said by Mr. Yuan Zhenguo, director of the Department of Education of the Normal University in Eastern China. The rapid development of the Internet age has promoted the development of human technological innovation and the artificial intelligence. It has provided much more possibilities for the future. At this Zhiyue Sharing Conference, well-known domestic and foreign famous figures were invited to give speeches and discussions on three topics: new ocean technology, new media art and new sports culture.

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