The Advantage of Bay Ivy  

1. Reliable

As an online platform under the Fok Ying Tung Group that integrates Nansha Bay’s resources, the Bay Ivy Life Service Platform is It’s committed to creating common home "suitable for travel", "suitable for life", "suitable for study", "suitable for enterprise", and "suitable for business". Based in Nansha Bay, Guangz common home. While enhancing the convenience of life for local residents in Nansha Bay, it also increases the consumption options for out of town tourists to play in the Nansha area.

2. 0 cost

Merchant members enter the Bay Ivy free of charge and they can easily realize the O2O.

New members enrolling to the Bay Ivy by the December 31, 2020 can benefit the total exemption of the platform service fee waiver during

the contract period, that means, the settlement price will be the platform sales price.

3. 0 risk

Merchant members can enjoy preferential subsidies as soon as they subscribe, and there is no pressure to attract traffic when new stores are opened.

We provide platform preferential subsidies at a total amount of 3,000 yuan/year. Our members do not need to cover the risk of early publicity costs for their businesses.

4. High public exposure

Our members can benefit various promotions through diversified channels to help new stores continue to keep being exposed to public, instead of being obscure in the corner.

Newly enrolled members can benefit a one week Bay Ivy banner page displaying, limited to be used at a single time.

Newly enrolled members can benefit three WeChat public account subscription tweets, including one for the headline and two for the second one.

Tweets will combine the features of the merchant member’s products to formulate interactive gifts for fans. Interactive gifts are purchased by the platform from the merchants and given away in the name of the merchant, which increases the number of merchant members’ orders and also increases the exposure of the merchant’s brand.

The platform provides our enrolled members with a Tiktok video production or 10 product photo shoots well refined by Photoshop.

5.  Customization

Bay Ivy merchant members benefit exclusive customized services.

One-on-one training and guidance by exclusive account managers.

Merchant members will receive a plaque of "Bay Ivy Special Cooperation Merchants" at their enrollment.

An exclusive “Bay Ivy” QR code card for the merchant members.

6. Offline drainage

We are creating an offline market economy, in order to realize the interoperability of offline traffic with diversified themes Merchant members who settle in can get priority for the participation opportunities in three offline activities, including but not limited to FAM-MARKET, and they can also enjoy deposit-free benefits.